In a nightclub, bar, or lounge environment, a continued positive customer experience is essential to the success of your business: malodor can be the cause for negative feedback or loss of customers.

AromaSys solves this issue with fragrances that can counteract a wide range of malodors while enhancing the sensory experience. Incorporating our scent technology into your environment makes malodors associated with smoke, perspiration, food, alcohol, and other unpleasant odors a thing of the past. Scenting not only helps eliminate malodors but creates an atmosphere which is clean and puts customers in the right mood.

According to a study done by Finnish marketing firm Ideair, bars with scent visual ads resulted in 79% growth in sales while places with only visual ads increased only 11%.

At AromaSys we can offer you the complete fragrance solution to improve your overall environment and customer experience.

Scenting Benefits

Counteract Malodors

Improve Brand Recognition

Improve Guest Experience