With thousands of active installations covering millions of square feet, AromaSys is the leader in providing custom fragrance solutions and scenting casinos products for the gaming industry.  An enticing fragrance in a casino environment can increase your revenues and improve your guests’ experience.

Independent studies have shown that customers tend to have a longer onsite engagement and spend more money in scented scenting casino environments.  In a controlled experiment conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., found that the amount of money gambled in slot machines placed in scented areas of a casino increased by 45% versus those in unscented areas.

By providing a positive association between a pleasing scent and an inviting environment we can help to reinforce your casino brand, reduce smoking odors, and increase the desire of your guests to play longer &  return to your casino again and again.

Scenting Benefits

Counteract Malodors

Longer onsite engagement

Increased Revenues

Brand Your Property