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How the Best Scenting Companies evoke Memories

Posted on July 27, 2015 under News.


Have you ever experienced the following? The aroma of cinnamon and apples waffs out of a bakery and suddenly you are transported back to your childhood home and the memory of your mother making a pie in the kitchen. You catch the scent of a familiar perfume in a crowded elevator and instantly you remember your first date.

It’s likely that many times in your life a scent has vividly brought memories back. Of all our senses, only smell has the power to invoke both the memory and emotion of past events. That is why many successful businesses have chosen to expand their brand through scent marketing.

Direct to the Memory Center

Scent is so effective at triggering memories because our sense of smell is controlled by the limbic system, the area of the brain that is also home to long-term memory and emotion. Unlike our eyes, ears, or fingertips, our noses have a direct line to all our life experiences. While data and facts may be organized by visual or auditory cues, our memories have scratch-and-sniff file tabs.

The Feelings of Memory

Since emotion is also controlled by the limbic system, it should be no surprise that memories triggered by scent often include emotional responses. Feelings of familiarity, comfort, and joy can be generated by happy memories. A well known scent will not only remind you of a favored memory, but how you felt on that day and in that place. The right aroma can be so much more powerful than a photograph to remember a special event.

The Scent of Brand Loyalty

One of the key goals of effective brand marketing is to build a positive view of your brand in the minds of potential customers. Scent marketing allows you to build on your branding and increase the emotional resonance with consumers.

Effective scent marketing includes designing a custom scent appropriate for your business brand and physical locations. As a consumer visits your retail locations, a subconscious connection is made. When they visit again in the future, the remembered aroma of your custom scent marketing will elicit positive feelings of familiarity. Since the scent is known, your location becomes a comfortable place in the consumer’s mind. Comfortable and relaxed customers are better able to focus on purchasing your products.

This is just one of the many strategies and benefits of a well planned and focused scenting campaign. When you choose scenting as part of your brand marketing, you unlock the powerful benefits of positive memories and emotions from consumers. You create to bridge to allow fans of your brand to more easily tie happy emotional memories to your company. All these possibilities start when you choose the right scenting company for your brand.

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